Inventory Sourcing Re-imagined

Swank eliminates the guesswork and time consuming research normally required to source items for reselling online.

Items are Ranked from 1-100 based on Item Profit and Popularity.

Iphone System ranking
Iphone-turnover rate

Know Flow Fast an Item Sells

Turnover Rate shows you how quickly a particular item sells on average, so you’ll know which items are shortail vs longtail.

Advanced Options & Barcode Scanner

Get Item rankings based on Sold Used, New, Auction or Fixed Price Items. The barcode scan tool can be used to scan media (Books, OVIls,VHS)to get their swank data.

Iphone Search Features

How Swank Rank Works

Every Item Has a Swank Rank varying from 0-100.

The score gives you an estimate of an item’s Profitability & Selling Speed.

Scoring is Calculated by:

  • Current Sales Trends
  • Turnover Rates
  • Average Profit

(20-39 points)

If you have the space, time, and don’t mind a slow dime – go for it!

Good Buy
(40-59 points)

Meat and Potatoes, Beans and Cornbread, Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Wait, that last one wasn’t a food reference. These are the staples of your business, stock up and buy accordingly.

Great Buy
(60-79 points)

We love the smell of opportunity in the morning!

(80-100 points)

Keep Calm and Victory Dance Later

Swank Helps You

  • Save time & earn more money
  • Remove under-performing inventory
  • Cut down on bad purchases
  • Speed up the research process for qualifying flips

Quit Rolling the Dice with your Seller Inventory

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