Why Swank Will Change Ebay Arbitrage Forever

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From a young age, I have always loved to visit thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. There was a endless supply of intriguing, zany and vintage items from different time periods streaming through the corridors on a rotating basis. For me it was the thrill of the hunt of a good deal and the pursuit of buried treasures that lay in every shelf aisle or market table.

Two years ago, I discovered flipping and retail arbitrage, and it completed changed my life. Now when I walked into stores and onto the garage sale pavement, the thrill of the hunt was the same, but the rewards were even sweeter.

I also quickly noticed the number of resellers like me that I had never noticed existed before, the competition was right before my eyes, and I never even saw them until now.

I remember clutching my un-smartphone trying to connect to ebay’s site to see if my “educated guesses” where right on the money as I expected them to be… (they weren’t).

It took considerable time to learn what types of items were in demand and what would command a good return on investment. Eventually I had enough profits to buy a real smartphone to help me with my arbitrage. The Ebay app seemed easy to use and helped me with making decisions but I still had a bottleneck of time.

Most of the reseller videos that I watched simply talked about “Getting Better” at sourcing and there was really nothing that would give me the help that I needed, so I struggled to improve my skills. What surprised me as I got better over time was that,

No matter how experienced I became, I still had to deal with the  problems of:

  • Spending too much time doing profit research
  • Listing items that NEVER sell
  • Donating items that wouldn’t sell after months

As I became more mature in reselling, I was able to look back at my old purchases and understand that reselling was more than arbitrage, and that the success of your sale depends on many influential factors that should be taken in consideration, every time you buy.

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Swank is an Ebay Reseller Arbitrage app, that takes the guesswork out of flipping and gives you a shows you an items profit and selling speed. Several points on an items selling health are graded to come up with a Swank Rank Score, that let you know the if the item is in demand and will fetch speedy returns on your investment.

Swank is specifically made to cut down the time you spend researching  sold ebay listings and making a decision on what you should buy.

Instead of trusting that other reseller’s in the same store or at the same sale won’t grab up the better items as you research, use swank to make wise buying decisions and not leave money on the table by missing out on other lucrative flips.

I still feel a rush when its time to hit the stores and garage sales / flea markets. The only difference is that when I go now, Swank does the profit assessments and I use my freed up time to capture worthwhile flips.

If you would like to change the way you’re sourcing from thrift stores, yard sales or even auctions, have Swank handle the tedious work.

Swank Reseller App Website: http://www.swankhunt.com

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