What to sell on ebay?


What to sell on ebay?


You may be thinking about selling online for the first time, or you might be ready to take selling more seriously. A question that many sellers initially struggle with is what should they sell on ebay, and it’s a question that has many answers.

Do you remember a time in your childhood when adults or your friends would ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up”? Did you at that point calculate what would bring the most amount of profit over your span of working years? Nope! You most likely answered based on what your passion was at that time.

Why should it be any different with selling online? You will get to the point in your selling journey where you will realize that it doesn’t really matter what it is that  you’re selling, as you earn money in return for whatever you are selling above what you’ve paid. You are being rewarded for the basic service of providing people with products and shipping it to them.

If you are a seller of used car parts, you are probably helping someone with their car problem or sending a car enthusiast the needed parts that will help them refurbish their hotrod. If you were selling hair care products, you would most likely be helping customers with hair maintenance or supplying a  hair salon or barbershop with the supplies and tools needed to help others.

Everyone in sales provides a product and/or a service.

Many of you are already “grown up” and you may find yourself not doing with things that your younger self hoped for. You may have outgrown your former goals (or met them), but many people today are still working while their current passions remain unfulfilled by their jobs.

Our advice to you: don’t turn ebay, etsy, bonanza, or other selling platforms into just another job. Many of you may have planned out your dream careers but now you just have a job or are looking for ways to escape that job. You may view selling online as an escape from your current lifestyle, but selling online can quickly become like working another job unless you are working with something that you are passionate about; something that you can get more value from than just the money that you earn.

What are you most passion about right now?

How can you apply your passions that to this new field of serving people?

When you dine at an upscale restaurant, which waiter/waitress would you want to serve you? Would you, prefer the waiter who is clearly working their to get paid with very little interest about the customer or the restaurant? Or would you prefer someone who is truly passionate about the restaurant, loves the food there, and gives their honest opinion on meal suggestions? We can’t read your response, but we believe that you would rather eat being attended by the waiter/waitress that showed that they genuinely cared.

The added benefit of working alongside your passion is that you are able to better engage with your niche community of their peers who are also passionate about the same subject. Your knowledge around the niche lends you credibility and trust, which further enhances your brand.
You can share topics that interest you to others and discuss topics around the items that you sell while enjoying the discussions and maybe profiting from it. Selling things that align with your own passions can be self-gratifying and help you to flourish as a niche seller.