How to take pictures for ebay?



How to Take Pictures for ebay?


Get Comfortable:

Comfortable seating is key. When taking photos for hours on end, you will want to have a chair that properly supports your back and provides proper posture while taking photographs. This is important as not having the right chair can strain your body and you will become tired of photographing/listing faster. For sellers with more open spacing, you may be served well by the benefits of substituting a balance ball in the place of the normal work chair.

Be Focused:

Time Management is key with mass photo taking. Sometimes sellers can get distracted by the noises of everyday life. Whether you are starting a business from home, or working in an office/warehouse setting, its easy to become distracted by the sounds around your work area.

The solution is to shut out as many sounds and needless distractions as possible when photographing by moving the photo booth to a quiet area for photos, or using a music player to set your focus to the tasks at hand. Your productivity will increase and that will result in more freed up time for what is important to you.

Good Lighting:

We recommend for a good, basic photo setup using Three-Point Lighting, which uses three lights to focus light or softly diffuse light on your item photos.

For more advanced setups, we suggest the following videos:

Simple Garage Photobooth Setupby joeseif

Intermediate Level Photography

Table Top Item Photography by DanSprattPHOTOGRAPHY

Advanced Level Photography

Advanced Item Photography Setup by Resale Renegade

Optimal Photo Taking:

For the our StopListing service we recommend that sellers take photos of their items in sequence:

Front – Back – Sides

Bottom – Inside (in the case of hollow items: mugs) –  Tags or Identifying Titles

We use this system to take the thought out of the photo process. After taking photos using this system for a short period of time, the photo process will be easy to remember and the photo process will be fluid and faster. Taking photos of identifying marks helps you later as you can look at the photo of your items from your computer instead of having to sort through your inventory to do your item research.