How to advertise on ebay?



How to Advertise on Ebay?


You may have your items listed on ebay and they are shiny are ready to be sold, but there are no buyers. Why am I not getting sales is a question that many sellers struggle to answer.

The real question should be how do I advertise my items?

One of the easiest ways that I know is to first check your own listings. The most contact that people will have with your e-store outside of visiting your ebay channel will usually be with your individual listings. This means that every page of your listings provides an opportunity to market to your target audience.

Every listing’s title and description serve as marketing for you in some form. You already know this to be true with sites like twitter and facebook, as the posts and stories with the most interesting titles and content earn your attention and mouse click.

If you are using an html template to make your listings, you should try to include links to your all of your social media accounts/fan pages for your ebay store. If you do not have them made yet, now is a good time as you are missing out on a lot of exposure as mentioned our infographic: Doubling your ebay income.

We include these social site pages because you’ll need to engage your potential customers outside of ebay if you want higher customer retention. Users on ebay often not thinking about the seller in Virginia, who is trying their best to sell a grumpy goat t-shirt.

They’re are often thinking about one or two specific items that they are interested in buying from ebay, and your listing pops up alongside a hundred other sellers. In this case, you have to do something to set yourself apart.

When people are on your listing page, they are  closer to buying this item from some seller.

Unless they are  window shopping, they’ve usually got the money on hand to buy the item as they visit your listing page. If they see your page and leave without buying ( in mass) there’s something wrong with your price, your title /description, or photos. Some other seller may just have a better bargain or more convincing presentation.

Secondly, you’ll need to engage with your community. I talked about this with our post on Doubling your Ebay Income, but we basically suggest heavily engaging with the community that you are selling your products to. Context is also important, as social media provides you the ability to talk with customers in a way relevant to current events.

Ex: for Valentine’s day, you may want to include a few different posts celebrating valentine’s day and including a link to your valentine’s day sale.

Engage your buyers on a one to one level, because it lets them know that they matter, and allows you to connect with them on a level deeper than monetary transactions. Instead of building a customer base, build a community around your store and you will see difference in sales, and foster longer relationships with your customers.