Can you make money on ebay?



 Can you make money on ebay?


The short answer to that question is simply yes.
The question that still remains is how to go about it?

From our experience, people that are interested in selling online are often also interested in earning to extra income. The same people may have the aspirations of going full time and quitting their regular 9 to 5 job if possible.

If you are the sort of person that just wants to earn a few extra hundred dollars per month, then you’ll only need to do research on items that you can get for a low cost for and sell them to others that need or want them at a profit. Some simple ways to do that is to check your local classifieds for garage, yard & estate sales to get great deals on inventory. If you need help with knowing what items are good for reselling, try the swank app.

Once you have your inventory, you’ll need to take some good photos, and get them listed on your selling website. Try to convey the level of care and professionalism that you will give in delivering your soon to be customer’s items.

For Those who are interested in earning full time income from websites like eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, and Amazon FBA: in addition to selling what you can get a hold of, try to specialize in something that interests you. Make no mistake that finding items may become your new 9 to 5, so specializing a portion of your inventory to items that are both profitable and interesting to you can give what you are doing a greater purpose.