How to get bids on ebay?



How To Get Bids On Ebay?


In order to get bids on eBay, you have to make sure your auction runs long enough to get a decent watcher count (# of interested viewers). Depending on the item, 3 to 7 days is a good length for a typical eBay auction. When setting up your auction, you also want to make sure your auction covers a weekend. Most people have more free time to watch items and place bids on the weekend when they aren’t at work.

In addition to how long your auction duration is and what days of the week it is active, the appearance of your listing also impacts your ability to get higher bids. You have to make sure your listing is in pristine condition and is inviting.

  • Are your gallery photos detailed and high quality?
  • Can watchers get a good idea of the overall condition of your item from your auction’s photos?
  • Is your description detailed and accurate?
  • If the item is a special item, have you included the make and model details and proof that it is a special item and not a common version of the same item?

Making sure you have as much information about the item available for potential bidders will increase the bids on your item.

You will also need to make sure your listing description is informative and welcoming. That means that all of the necessary information about your business and your selling practices are readily available and easy to understand by bidders.

  • What is your return policy?
  • Have other buyers had issues with your products/services after winning bids in the past (feedback)?
  • Can a watcher contact you with questions before they actually bid (and receive quick answers)?

In a marketplace as vast as eBay, you want to make sure that you present yourself as a seller that is head and shoulders above the competition. Part of doing that is making sure your listings are as transparent and open to watchers and  as possible.