How to get started selling on ebay?



How to Get Started Selling On Ebay


When I first started my seller’s journey on ebay, I learned that there was a lot going on the in the background that I would be in charge of managing if I was going to have good sales. From months of trial and error, I developed a system to partly automate the ebay process and I am sharing these steps with you so that you can Master Ebay.

#1 Get Organized

Organizing your inventory for Retrieval and Item Dating is key to having a good flow of supplies and a proper tracking system. Sorting item inventory can be as simple as labeling a few shelves (alphabetically) and numbering the levels in those shelves. (ex: items on A1 or D9) Your organization can also be more in depth for larger inventories, such as developing a tagging system.

This makes your shipping process more productive, and it provides the infrastructure required to  scale your business when hiring help with boxing and shipping. If you have people who are helping you find items, they won’t have each item’s location in their minds like you may have, so having a spreadsheet with the locations of each item can reduce time searching.


#2 Nail your Photography:

We recently wrote an an article on how to take good photography for your ebay inventory. Good photos often relate with faster sell rates and less questions from potential buyers about quality and height approximations. In the post there are also tips on how to take photos in bulk quickly and as comfortably as possible. If you are sitting down to list 20+ items per week, you will want to make sure that you are not wasting time with unproductive methods.

#3 TurboCharge your Listing Time

One of the ways that you can reduce the time spent listing is using an ebay valet service. There are different types of valet services, but there are pros and drawbacks to each type. With Stoplisting, we provide an ebay listing service, which is a virtual valet service that helps you to create your listings. StopListing can take the stress out of listings and reduce the total work required from you or your team.

#4 Automate your feedback

Feedback helps you to represent trust within the ebay community (akin to e-reputation). From the seller’s perspective though, feedback interaction with your buyers can be menial & one-sided. You are either leaving good feedback for a fast purchase or resolving feedback issues with sellers if there is a problem with your sold item.

What we use on our ebay channels to reduce time spent is an application called Ki Feedback, which is a subscription based feedback automation service.

What Ki Feedback Offers is the ability to auto-manage what feedback you would like to give to your buyers and when to give positive feedback. It also handles negative feedback given to you with a automated response to begin conflict resolution between you and the buyer. To top that, Ki Feedback enables you to set up a message to your buyers to ask for their input on your service (aka return feedback).

#5 Automate returns

The return process can sometimes be an unwanted hassle. Returns should be avoided if possible as shipping costs for both the buyer and seller raise the expenses of both parties involved. Experienced Reseller Bonifide Hustler has a youtube channel that helps resellers to improve their inventory searching. In regards to ebay returns, he suggest offering your buyer a half refund & they are able to keep the product, or the option for them to ship the item to you in exchange for a full refund.

The results from this added option can save you more time and money in your profit margins as shipping costs cannot be recovered. This will also benefit potential buyers, as they can choose whether they want to pay the upfront costs of returning the item, or just receive a partial refund and keep the item.

For larger businesses, ebay has a managed return system that helps you to automate the returns process. The buyers are simply sent a packaging slip and will mail you back the item return. After receiving the return you can verify that it has been sent back to you as you have shipped it out. The buyers are able to have a speedy resolution, and you are able to used the time saved elsewhere in your business.

#6 Stay Updated

Ebay usually notifies you via email when they have any sellers promotions, such as free listing credits. Instead of scanning your emails daily, you can be sent a notification via your smartphone connecting with the website: IFTTT. This website allows you to set up a “recipe” that notifies your smartphone via sms or push notification (pushover app) of promotions. You can also install the Ebay App for your smartphone device that will let you know when items sell, or if there are any new messages from your buyers. You can also set blackout times for certain hours so that you dont hear the “cha-ching” sound while sleeping or working elsewhere.

#7 Use Good Accounting

Even though ebay tells you what you made gross in sales at set intervals, they cannot calculate what you have  truly made net profit. That is because ebay does not keep track of the metrics of your item costs.

The last thing that you want to do is float on the clouds with your business.

You may have a lot of gross revenue coming in monthly for your business, but after expenses if you have little to virtually no net profit, poor accounting will hide this and it will be the death of your business.

You will want to know what your revenue is, but you should also know your net profit and how to calculate Profit and Loss and Gross Profit Margins, to accurately know the current health of your business. This can be done with the aid of accounting applications or just a simple spreadsheet.

#8 Increase your influence = Increase your Sales

Social Media Can be the secret ingredient to the success of your ebay store.

One of the power tools in our ebay marketing tool belt is the avid usage of social media. Interacting with people in the same arena of what you are selling is key.

For example: if you are a toy seller, you would want to interact with toy buyers, get a sense of what demographic that you are selling to, build a community around that common shared interest, and you add value to the community. We expand on that topic more with our guide on how to double your ebay income.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that lets us curate dynamic content to buffer out content on a periodical basis. This gives us the chance to plan out great content for the ebay community and spend more time gaining feedback on what should be put into our ebay stores and what to create next.

You should also take the opportunity available to use social media to engage with enthusiasts in your niche without expectation of converting sales. This gives you the change to have authentic dialogue within your niche, and the insight needed to speak to potential buyers.