Why are my ebay sales down?



Why Are My Ebay Sales Down?


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In the ebay community there are many sellers who complain of sales being down for the week and being very unpredictable.

Despite what may be happening on the ebay, there are a number of ways to establish a stable amount of ebay buyers per week, and I will be sharing one method below that can potentially double your ebay income.

The Problem

What many sellers are guilty of doing is relying only on the ebay sellers interested in a particular item and landing on their ebay page seemingly at random.

When these potential buyers get there, sellers do a good job of having competitive pricing, clean designs, and the proper grammar to help boost sales rates.

This is good, but simply not enough for a steady income. You are essentially relying on the Item search engine to determine your weekly sales.  If you dig deeper you will find that the ebay search engine’s Best Match returns seller items based on an internal ranking system that finds the best seller for that potential buyer.

Meaning that relying on the item search only for stable sales is like skipping rocks across a creek and hoping they will travel to the other side. Supply & Demand also affects your sale rates as more sellers correlate with a higher chance that their rank will be better than yours which means more sales for the more trusted seller.

The Solution

When listing items, you may find that you have some products that stand out, perhaps unique or collectible or have some pretty cool features. These will become your source of income increase.

Lets take a classic retro game:

Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Average Price for this item may be about $8.00-$10.00 on ebay.

The problem is that due to the vast supply of this item on ebay (hundreds are available), you would have to undersell all the other sellers in attempts to gain sales or depend on the whims of the item search results.

This leaves you will a “cold” item that will take an unpredictable amount of time to sell, and would generally end up on the shelf for a quite a while.

Here is what you can do instead:

Brainstorm, and come up with ways to create as much content as you can from your item. Then, create this content and put it in multiple social media targeted communities. For our example, the community we would post content in would be for vintage NES gamers and fans.

Back to our example:

For the One Nes Cartridge you could decide to create the following content:

  • Super Mario Bros Game Review
  • How to Clean your Nes Cartridge
  • Super Mario Bros 3 Video Walkthroughs
  • Super Mario Bros 3 Hidden Secrets and Cheats
  • Super Mario Bros 3 vs Super Mario Bros 2
  • Why Super Mario Bros is one of the best games of all time (or not)
  • How does Super Mario Bros 3 Compare to its remakes on the newer consoles
  • Super Mario Bros 3 Played in X minutes.

As you can see, some of these require the use of the NES system alongside the game but this type of content can be used to create youtube videos, and also blog posts if you have a store website. It also gives you the ability to have your videos and content shared all over the web.

This content, can then be used in sync with advertisement programs such as Google adsense for youtube and websites, as well as other more direct incentive offers. Ex: Ebay/Amazon affiliate links to the respective new or sold items on their platforms.

You would then include your links to the ebay item page, in all of your relevant video/blog content. This will effectively draw the right market to you and then out of that interested crowd, you will only need a small percentage of the people watching your content to convert into lucrative sales.

To compound the effect, you would to use social media to broadcast this content often via buffer, which will bring more people into your sales funnel.

This not only gives you increased item exposure with the item’s buying community, it also allows you to potentially more than double your income depending on the views and clicks that you receive from created content. More importantly, you build authority & trust which is something that feedback cannot create alone. If you specialize in selling particular items you can very quickly become an authority in the community.

This method can easily be applied to higher cost items. If you had an item that was new, and you were going to sell the older version, you can create a comparison video and you can create an “Unboxing Video“. more importantly, the item has a more targeted audience and potentially receives more views and will help in your sales.