How to Make a Listing On Ebay



How to Make A Listing On Ebay?


You might have arrived here because you are ready to make your first listing on ebay. You may either have an item to sell or many items on hand that you’re trying to put online for the first time.

First, you have to sign up for an ebay account. (If you don’t have one, click here )

Secondly, you will need a verified seller account.

Third, you will need a paypal and you have to be verified.

If you don’t want to use paypal, you must setup a merchant account using one of the pre-authorized payment processors.

Fourth, determine that the item that you wish to fits within the accepted list of items to sell.

If you attempt to list an item on prohibited list, your item will be reviewed and taken down from sale by ebay.

Create your Listing:

Navigate to the ebay homepage and login with your account details. You should see the option to sell an item.

This will take you to the selling wizard which lets you list your items. You are able to upload photos, add your item title and it’s description as desired. There are also more advanced options available for the more users that want more control of how their listings will appear and be made.

After you have uploaded your image(s) and added a title and description, its time to add your pricing and shipping options. You will need to tell potential buyers what you want to charge them for your item.

There are three different methods of selling items on ebay: Auction, Buy It Now and Auction/Buy It Now Combo.

Auction:  Auctions allow users to bid on your item and the highest bidder wins. Options are added to include a reserve price or an price at which you are okay with selling the item for, but the reserve can be often met with disdain by bidders. Alternatively, you can set the price of the auction to start at the least amount of money that you would take for the item and make a profit.

Buy It Now:  Buy It Now, allows ebay users to buy your items instantly at the price that you set. There is also an option that will allow you take “offers” from other users that you can accept as a payment amount for your item

Auction + Buy It Now:  It is the mixture of Auction type and the Buy It Now Type. The benefit is that if you have a popular item, the user does not have to wait until the end of the auction to buy your item by being the highest bidder.

One caveat is that the Buy It Now Price can act as a “ceiling” when used with the Auction, as bidders would be unwise to bid above the price that they could buy it now for. So to ensure a healthy bid amount, we suggest using this option only for items that are not very popular or rare. The reason why is that popular or rare items will usually go over what asking price that you would put, and the BIN option included in your Auction may hinder that opportunity from occurring.

I.E: bidder #2 bought the item for $50 instead of the auction being bid up to $250 without the BIN option.


There are several ways to ship sold items on ebay. Inside the ebay platform there are several carriers UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.

We have had a lot of success using the USPS due to their flat rate shipping options.

Carriers such as UPS or DHL, offer additional options such as 1 day shipping, or lower pricing depending on the weight and size of your packages.

Payment Information

You need to set your payment information as your paypal email address. As we’ve discussed earlier, if you’re not accepting paypal you must add your own merchant information.

Listing Time

Listing time can range from a few days or until you would like your listing canceled.

The time that you should select should depend on what you are selling, and your selling format (Auction, BIN, or Auction + BIN) but the final decision is your own.

When you are satisfied with your listing, click through the next set of submit buttons to finalize your listing. Once your listing is created, you should get a congratulatory note from ebay on the screen and in your email.