which is the best day to end ebay auction?



Which is the Best Day To End an Ebay Auction?


There are some ebay users that claim their is a science or hard set rules to determining the best day to end your auctions, but the simple truth is the “best” day varies from item to item, and depends on what else is going on in the world.

If your auction strategy is to get the most bidders and the highest profit from your auction, you might want to consider what time of the month it is when determining which day to end your auction. The beginning of the month and the very end of the month aren’t considered the best times to end auctions because most people are concerned about paying their bills for the month, or they’ve stretched their money to the hilt and they are waiting for the relief of the first paycheck of the next month.

Some might say that Sunday is the best day to end an auction, but if Christmas is on a Sunday, you probably won’t get top dollar for an auction scheduled to end on Christmas because most people finish online Christmas shopping in enough time to receive items in the mail before Christmas Day.

When choosing the day to end your auction, consider all of the basic known factors. Keep in mind what you are selling and whether it is seasonal. Think about the time of the month. Consider the month in the year. Take into account the overall marketplace worth for your items. You won’t know what works best for you until you start listing items and start selling them.