How To Get Positive Feedback On Ebay?



How To Get Positive Feedback On Ebay?


As you start out your selling journey on Ebay, you will find that the feedback system is like your virtual reputation. It will play role in determining the rate of your sales for the first 0-50~ feedback stars that you receive. The reason behind this is that people feel more comfortable buying from sellers with a larger feedback to deliver their product in a timely manner rather than taking a risk with a low ranking seller. This can be overcome by having more unique items and offering speedy shipping & handling rates as well as a good return policy.

Negative Feedback are like the nails in the coffin for your store.

As you gain more reputation through transactions, you are at a higher risk of customers leaving feedback (whether for good reasons or by error) It’s for this reason that many ebay sellers watch their feedback like a hawk, by giving preventative help to customers by solving issues ahead of time.

There are also cases where people will try to extort something from you in exchange for not leaving you bad feedback. Unless the feedback is due to some failure on your part, you should report any feedback extortion/manipulation to ebay.

Full Moon Comes More Often:

There is a saying that says that people do alot of wacky things when there is a full moon. With Ebay, the full moon comes out often. There are plenty of lovely buyers that I have had the pleasure of sending items to, but I’ve also had my share of Wacky Macs and Silly Sues. You will notice a trend with your buying base that certain customers who later might have a higher propensity to dislike your product or have buyers remorse, when there was nothing wrong with your product, to be high in the beginning (buyer uncertainty is greater).

Sometimes potential buyers may ask too many questions:

I’m not talking about an antique or something that warrants inquiry, but rather asking copious questions about items that go beyond anything really pertaining to the product that you are selling or is bordering on an obsession.  These types of questions I tend not to answer, and I personally avoid these buyers. The reason why, is that some are asking for a basic verbal warranty that nothing in the world will go wrong with your item. I work to ensure that that my items are properly packaged and shipped, but if every sale went perfectly, there would be no need for a return policy.

As you get better with seeing how your buying base generally interacts with you, it will be easy to spot outliers and thereby deal with those buyers in a courteous but firm manner.

To foster good feedback, I would suggest joining online social communities and engaging in with your direct audience on a more personal level. Not only does it help you understand your buying base more, it also helps to ensure higher quality feedback from direct sales.