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Avarice: Keeping most of your valuable finds for yourself rather than selling them as planned. If you have more money going out to these items than coming in for an extended period of time, and you see nothing wrong with it, you may need to reconsider. If you get too overly attached to certain items in your inventory, you can …


How to Swank Your Way Out Of Shoddy, Slow Ebay Sales

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Somewhere in the world at this very moment, there are Ebay Resellers scouting items to flip them for resale. They are working Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, and Estate Auctions looking for investments that will yield solid returns. Among them will be other savvy Resellers that are quick to snatch up great finds that also have their smartphones in hand. In …

Black Friday Reseller Highlights: Target Edition

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This is a mini infograph showing our top picks for items to Be On the LookOut for at Target (Black Friday). To comprise this chart, we are using Swank, to generate data on recent item sales from ebay. Although this data changes from day to day, we believe that these items will be some of many items to keep your …

How to Double Your Ebay Income – Infographic

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In the ebay community there are many sellers who complain of sales being down for the week and being very unpredictable. Despite what may be happening on the ebay, there are a number of ways to establish a stable amount of ebay buyers per week, and I will be sharing one method below that can potentially double your ebay income. …

Seller’s SpotLight: Richard Lopez

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On This Seller’s Spotlight, we talked with the Owner of RichardsBuyItNow.com, Avid Youtuber and the All American Hustler: Richard Lopez. In this podcast, Richard talks about some of his interesting storage auction finds, how he got started with his online webstore, and briefly discusses benefits of receiving things from others and giving back to the community. Richard also outlines part …

Seller’s SpotLight: Cody Hawk

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On This Seller’s Spotlight, we talk with the owner of Project Reseller: Cody Hawk. Cody’s wisdom and expertise on Amazon FBA, Ebay and Reselling in general shines as we discuss balancing his life, family, traveling, time management and the family business. Transcription (Special Thanks to Marz for the Transcription) Seller’s Spotlight: Cody Hawk Isaiah:Welcome to the StopListing Podcast this is …