A Hidden Reseller’s Oasis: The Library

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The weather is sweltering, and it doesn’t feel like your car a/c is running at all. You stop by a store or gas station and get some drinks and refuel, but its not keeping the heat away. It’s going to be a scorcher today, and you still have five more garage sales to visit before you go home.

You’re getting tired, and worst of all your smartphone is low on power. You were just on a roll but now you have to cut the day short or at least, miss out on some deals that you could have gotten otherwise.

Sometimes you just need a break from reselling to plan out the rest of your day or to assess how things are going.

Your local library can provide you more than just books and magazines.

Instead of trying to sweat it out in the scouting-mobile or having to frequently stop by local gas stations for restrooms,  you could get that and more at your local library.

The library provides a quiet, relaxing environment for you to collect your thoughts, take a break from all the walking around, and most importantly an opportunity to take a break and recharge your batteries (literally and figuratively).

Most libraries have wi-fi access, so If you would like to bring your laptop or access their computers on a guest pass, you’re more than welcome to.

Libraries have Restrooms and Water fountains in case you need to handle a different kind of business without feeling the pressures of being in a commercial building and leaving without buying anything often.

In addition to all of the resources that the library provides, the time off in the library can also be used to enjoy a large selection of books and information about things that you may wish to source such as antiques and vintage goods.

There’s another reason to frequent the library as a reseller:

Libraries often have neighborhood sales of their books when they are no longer needed. often some of these books can provide a good flip for their costs and are an excellent source for non ficition or very specific books (i.e “chicken noodle soup for the fba/ebay  reseller’s soul”, anyone?) and other popular titles.

Become a Friend of All your local Libraries:

If you are a “friend of the library” you will have access to sales and books going on sale earlier than the rest of your neighborhood, and because you are frequenting the library so much, you will actually be a well known friend of the library with a better standing than other resellers who only come by on sale days.

If the library isn’t your schtick, you can try other inexpensive alternatives like listening to podcast and audiobooks as you walk or relax in the park, taking some time off at a batting range when you want to blow off steam or hitting the gym to make carrying all your finds easier.

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